How to get followers on Twitter

Twitter is a popular platform that has changed how people interact on social media. Unlike Facebook where users must have friends to engage others, Twitter allows users to engage a specific user or many users who are not in their network of connections. While Twitter simplified engagement, one needs to have a good following to increase the visibility of tweets posted. Many followers imply higher visibility and increased engagement. It’s challenging to build a large fan base on twitter if you are a new user. Here are some tips you can follow to get more followers on twitter.

Be active

This is the mantra of many Twitter users with many followers. You have to be active on the site to make new connections. Regularly contributing valuable opinions in discussions held on the platform makes you more visible to other users. This may earn you several followers who are interested in your tweets.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are created around a specific topic that people may be discussing. For example, #ContentMarketing is a common hashtag used by content marketers when posting tweets related to this topic. You should leverage trending hashtags or hashtags focusing on a particular niche when posting tweets. Creating tweets relevant to a particular hashtag makes your account visible to other users using the hashtag. These users may follow you if they are interested in your content.

Viral following trends

These are trends created by users who want to follow and be followed by other users tweeting with a specific hashtag. #Followback is a common viral following hashtag used by users who want to gain followers. The core principle of these trends is to follow users who follow you. This can help to gain followers easily but is not effective if you want to have followers with the same interests as you.
With these tips, you may succeed in gaining at least ten followers daily which is a great follower growth rate for a new twitter user. While some of the tips may not be effective as others, you can focus on sticking to the ones that enable you to build an engaging followers’ base.



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