Building your personal brand


What is a personal brand? Many assume that a brand is a company seeking to increase its reputation among target consumers. That is not true at all. A brand is anything that distinguishes an individual or company in the market. As freelancing careers continue to grow, a brand has become essential for many freelancers who seek to have leverage in the market.  A personal brand is what many freelancers out there aim at building in order to have more business. However, building a personal brand is challenging especially for a newbie in the freelancing industry.
As a new freelancer, you are a small fish in a large tank with big fish hence you may not be noticeable as the latter. But everyone has humble beginnings. Even the people who have gained a reputation in different industries started from somewhere. Starting small and growing big is the fundamental block for building your brand. You have to focus on three things: perfection, network, and marketing.


It’s critical for you to gain expertise and skills in whatever field work you win. Clients seek the best people who can deliver the quality and value they need. Sharpening your skills gives you a chance to become one of the best if not the best in your career.


Networking is important for forging relationships with people including professionals and clients. Such networks can give you exposure to career trends and a chance to engage with potential clients.


Marketing yourself is important if you want you to want to be more visible to your target clients. You can rely on various marketing tools such as social media to increase your visibility to the market.

With these tips, you can build your reputation as a freelancer or a professional in a particular field. While you at it, you should focus on being consistent to ensure you remain relevant in the industry and build a good follower base.


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