Internet Opportunities in kenya


In the recent past, there has been growing buzz about opportunities available on the Internet. This has led to a trend where many Kenyans are turning to the internet to eke out a living. Despite the strides made by the government and the private sector in expanding internet service to different parts of the country, internet opportunities have not been leveraged as they should be. Many young graduates are idling at their homes or still tarmacking to find jobs despite having good grades. It is also unfortunate that some people are taking advantage of the desperation of the young jobless people. Some crafty people have created scams disguised as online businesses to steal from desperate people who want to make money wherever they can.

Having been a web researcher for about one and half years, i have seen the bad and the good of online businesses. But i can attest to the fact that there are internet opportunities that can changes the lives of many young people. Similarly to the real world, the internet has limitless opportunities. People are using the Internet to sell their wares and goods. I have seen this with some of my friends who use Facebook business groups to connect with buyers. Others are making money buying and selling bitcoins. And despite their different careers, they still make money that can sustain them.

The shift towards internet opportunities has been embraced by many people in different parts of the world. However, Kenya like other African countries continues to lag behind in leveraging the internet to create job opportunities. It is essential for our youth to take Jack Ma’s advice and focus on grabbing internet opportunities available. Your ‘silly’ idea might be the next Uber or ¬†Alibaba story. It’s our time now as Kenyan youth to focus on mining for opportunities from the internet instead of using it as a platform for spreading hate.


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