What we can learn from playing Candy Crush?


Do you know a game Candy Crush? Have you played the game? Candy crush is one of the most popular mobile games that is played by millions of people worldwide. The game has a wide audience and is played in all continents including Antarctica. Amazing!Isn’t it? I play the game regularly and i like its graphics and logic. I will not delve into details about the game but will focus on what we can learn from this game. I guess it sounds crazy that  anyone can learn a valuable lesson from a game. Yes!Its crazy but Candy crash offers important lessons to every player.

To move to the next level, a player has to clear the current level. This involves matching candies until you achieve the objective of a particular level before you get that ‘Sugar Crash‘ message and proceed to the next level. Have you ever noticed what you need to successfully complete one level? You need luck and persistence. As you swipe and match the candies, you are not aware of the candies that will be added to the game. They may not be what you expected but you have to play the game until you get lucky to match three or more candies. Additionally, in most cases, you may have to play a level more than one time before you clear it. This requires persistence. You have to persist until you clear that level.

In any endeavor you undertake, you need luck and persistence. A mix of luck and persistence is key in unlocking success in various situations. As an entrepreneur, you have to persist until you get a return on your investment. You also have to be lucky as markets are dynamic and somehow unpredictable. While luck may be out of your control, persistence has to be your best friend. Persisting in any situation will allow you to move mountains and achieve your goals. So, embrace persistence and wait for luck; your dream is just an effort away.


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